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The Company was formed as a private Nevada mining corporation in August of 1989 to purchase and explore mineral claims in an area located in the Lake Mining District, Forty-mile Desert in Churchill County, Sate of Nevada, United States. This area had varying degrees of  historical data indicating precious metals resided in this particular ore body, at the time, thought to be a disseminated wash deposit. The Company's research and a 1995 coring and geological report indicates the genesis of this particular ore body is from a hydro geothermal volcanic intrusion with values probably being mantel related. The ore deposit is a complex, carboneous alumina silicate with the majority of the precious and noble metal values residing in a monatomic or cluster state as pressure, and the resultant heat from the pressure, did not occur in this deposit to naturally compact these elements to form stable metallic ions.

The Company began the extraction research on these in 1989 through 1999, employing any and all techniques on the open market with varying degrees of success. The Company, using a qualified California mining and air quality company, began testing a hybrid design of an offshoot of the Electronic Beam or Plasma Furnace technology between the years 1998 and 1999. The Company designed and successfully tested a Flash Oxidation Concentration Systems, designated the FOXS unit in 1999. A bench model of the FOXS was build and tested successfully in April of 2000. This model can be demonstrated at the Company's Federally and State permitted plant site in Nevada.

A secondary product developed from the testing of the FOXS unit. The Cold Plasma Chamber (CPC) used to stabilize the mineral off gases achieved in the feed unit, which is the primary capture point on the FOXS system for the precious and noble metals, was found to be a ZERO-EMISSIONS scrubber. The Company plans on forming an air quality equipment division to market this CPC technology to industrial plants. The CPC technology would be a low cost answer to industrial emissions of any kind.


The Company desired to maintain a simple management format while having access to highly qualified mining professionals. There is no shareholder owning more than 25% of the existing and outstanding shares of the Company.



Douglass C. Boseman, Chairman/CEO/President/Secretary

Joyce A. Meyer. Director/Treasurer

Michael Pimentel, CPA/Director/CFO

James Edgmon/Director



EnviroCare of California, mining/air quality engineering firm  with clients such as Barrick Gold, Newmont, and FMC Gold.



AA Laboratories of Arizona

Newsom Consulting of Texas

LeDoux of New Jersey

University of Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany



David Robertson of Reno; business, contract law and EPA law

Mark Wray of Reno; litigation and contract

Darwin Kal of Illinois; business, contracts and financial



Pimentel and Associates, CPAs; California

Deloitte & Touche



Wells Fargo; operating :

Merrill Lynch; investment

The Company has a full coring and custodial geological report across approximately 3,500 acres of its total 12,000-acre plus fee simple Mineral Estate and approximately 6,800-acres of Federal Mineral Right Claims. The Company's fee simple Mineral Estate encompasses the majority of the hydro geothermal volcanic intrusion structure, found to be the genesis of this particular ore deposit. The Company, and its subsidiary, has owned the Private Properties, and controlled the BLM Mineral Claims in excess of 6-years, and the properties were acquired by legal capital of clean and business origin.

The Specific Proven Reserves to be provided for this Business Summary are precious and noble metals contained in a privately owned Mineral Estates comprising approximately 640-acres. This 640-acres represents a very small portion/percentage of the Company's total Mineral Estate.


Private Ownership of Surface and Minerals: The Company  owns under fee simple title sufficient Proven Reserves to provide good collateral for a construction and operating loan. These privately owned Mineral Estates and Proven Reserves have been appraised by a Federal Republic of Germany government institution, having impeccable credentials, as commercial reserves. Title opinions available upon proper request.

Proven Precious and Noble Metal Ore Deposit: The Company has established its ore deposit as commercial, through a coring and custodial sampling chain with individuals and institutions of impeccable credential. Approximately 3,900-acres of the ore body has been cored with Proven Reserves delineated to all a long-term mine life exceeding 100-years. The Company's Mineral Estate has a full geological report confirming the genesis of the ore body and the presence of proven reserves. Full geology and coring report concerning genesis of ore available to qualified requests.

Extraction Production Process: The Company has developed a commercial precious and noble metal extraction process to exploit (produce) its Mineral Estates. Two small commercial sized permitted plants exist, which can be expanded during the construction stage of the main plant building and main concentration and extraction plants to provide the Company with a positive cash flow and the necessary concentration product to improve the refinery process. An Extraction Certification of Production issued by a qualified German engineer, based on a German University's Custodial Certification, is available.

Privately owned Mineral Estate in-ground Proven Reserves valued in excess of US$100 billion available as collateral. A Top rated German University provided custodial Certification of Reserves calculated in Jackalin engineering and Porter Geotechnical geology report.

Open Pit Mining: The Company has a sand & gravel use permit to excavate the ore and haul it to their Industrial sites.

Nevada State Department of Environmental Protection Process Permit: The Company has applied for its WPC Extraction Plant Process Permit on an existing 5,000 square foot building that was previously permitted as a chemical process/close circuit pilot plant.

Management: The Company has accumulated extremely talented professionals to operate the permitted magnetic-gravity flotation/centrifugal plant (ICM) and theFOXSTM plant (FMC-NEVA), and will be able to access other highly qualified world class mining professionals, if, and when, required.

Privately owned Industrial acreage available to construct major facilities

Major highway access to all properties and electrical service existing (plan to develop Co-generation power plant for further electrical requirements)

Open pit mining, using dredge station pipeline pumping for delivery of ore, is planned (minimizes massive capital equipment costs normally associated with mining)

Additional Mineral and Mining Support: University of Reno-Nevada and MacKay School of Mines, Reno, Nevada available for future support in further development and permitting. 
Infrastructure Projected: The Company projects the below infrastructure facilities will be required to complete the total Business Plan. Each of the below facilities will provide assistance to the mining project to lower its costs of operation.

Full service Truck/auto mini-mart with truck wash and mechanical bays and 100-room hotel connected to mini-mart (return of capital investment projected at 2.6 years from opening and provides non-mining revenue stream, as well as employee comforts, better use of mining mechanics, and lower fuel costs to mining facility)
Waste treatment plant for mining facility and infrastructure
Water (drinking) treatment plant for facilities and sales of bottled water for additional non-mining revenue stream
25-30 megawatt power plant to provide power to mining and infrastructure facilities with excess power sold to Nevada grid for additional non-mining revenue stream
Cement plant to act as incinerator for mining and infrastructure facilities and sales of cement (sufficient sand and gravel on Mineral Estates owned by Company)
Fire Station to support mining facility and infrastructure
Emergency medical facility with evac helicopter 

Documentation Current and Corporate Listings Available: The Company can provide the below information to a qualified request.

Complete Business Plan with complete supportive data, to include complete geological report, various assay laboratories certifications, financial proformas, and infrastructure engineering costs
Comparative financial statement depicting market value of Proven Reserves
Deloitte Touche Report of Independent Accountants on financial statements and German Certifications of value and production, legalized by a U.S., Mexican and German Consulate
Current Letter of Good Standing, State of Nevada
Certified and Legalized University of Duisburg's  (Germany) Certification of Proven Reserves, to include Jackalin report
Membership in Rocky Mountain Law Institution, Colorado

Additional Valuation and Assay Reports available:

VORTEX, Inc., custodial assay extraction report
Inland AquaTech Precious Metals, independent 40-acre block sampling report, and second custodial assay report
Iseman Consulting, Inc, two custodial reports
LeDoux Laboratory assay reports, multiple
Complete geological coring report verifying genesis of ore and establishing Proven Reserve values
B.T.C. assays reports, multiple
Sierra Laboratories, 2-flotation reports and 11-independent assay sheets
University of Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany, Dr. Heinz-Martin Kuss
TALECON, Duisburg, Germany, Dr. Heinz-Martin Kuss